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Elvis’ favorite spot on earth was a spiritual oasis on Sunset Boulevard in notoriously shallow L.A. Founded over 50 years ago by the late Hindu holy man, Paramahansa Yogananda, all the world’s religions are enshrined in its natural setting. The Lake Shrine of the Self-Realization Fellowship is a magical, secret garden. A rainbow of humanity visits this outdoor cathedral to become one with Nature, one with each other, and one with God.

Elvis, a true seeker, was a devoted student of Yogananda’s teachings. Elvis often walked around the mirrored lake at the Shrine to the World Peace Memorial. He reverently kneeled at the stone sarcophagus containing a portion of the ashes of the martyred Gandhi. The founder of this New Age retreat was also Gandhi’s yoga teacher.

Elvis asked his friend who headed the Self-Realization Fellowship: “Why did God make me Elvis Presley?” She responded by giving him some ancient manuscripts, hinting that the answer to his question might be in them. The King of Rock ‘n Roll, like the great Mahatma, shook his soul awake through Kriya Yoga, a millenniums-old sacred spiritual science that emphasizes the underlying unity of all the world’s great religions.

“There must be world brotherhood if we are to be able to practice the true art of living,” the yogi wrote in his autobiography, one of Elvis’ favorite books.

Elvis loved everything New Age. Metaphysics. Numerology. Cosmology.

He was a great fan of the Russian born occultist, Madame Blavatsky, known as “The Mother of New Age.” Gandhi and Einstein were fans, as well.

Gandhi left his well-heeled secular lawyer’s life because of Blavatsky’s “The Key to Theosophy”. Gandhi credited the Jewish born sage with “disabusing me of the notion that Hinduism was rife with superstition. She showed me Hinduism at its best.” He kept her book nearby until his death by an assassin’s bullet.

Einstein fell in love with Blavatsky’s mind after reading “The Secret Doctrine” published in 1888. In this book, the Madame foresaw Einstein’s 1905 theory of relativity. She wrote of the infinite divisibility of the atom. She affirmed that the infinite vibratory motion of everything is a natural law of the universe. She also wrote that the moon was older than the earth. There were gaffaws heard ‘round the world on that one! Scientists were amazed when the astronauts who landed on the moon brought back rocks that were older than those on earth. Einstein kept a copy of “The Secret Doctrine” on his desk until the day he died.

Elvis named his gospel group “Voice” after being mesmerized by Blavatsky’s book “The Voice of Silence”, which contains the translation of ancient, secret Tibetan incantations.

The work of the long dead Jewish lady from Russia excited the Southern choirboy from the First Assembly of God Church so deeply that he sometimes read passages from it on stage. The audience’s reaction has never been disclosed. After Elvis’ heart stopped, “The Voice of Silence” remained opened on his nightstand.

Until the end of his days, Elvis had a strong belief in God. Elvis loved Jesus, yet was never baptized and never joined a church. He had a passion for gospel music and performed and recorded many gospel songs.

While filming Harum Scarum in Hollywood in the mid ‘60s, a disenchanted Elvis sought solace at the Lake Shrine retreat. Yogananda said that, “This shrine has been created for all religions, that all may feel the unity of common faith.” Elvis meditated daily for many years and followed the ecumenical approach to enlightenment.

Elvis’ spiritual beliefs were woven like an intricate, highly personal tapestry, culled from his voracious appetite to learn everything about Hinduism, Judaism, theosophy, positive thinking and Christianity. His reading on Judaism, inspired by his mother’s Jewish great grandmother, led to Elvis adding a Star of David to his mother’s headstone. He also wore a chai, the Jewish symbol for life, the last year of his life, along with a cross.

Elvis lamented: “I know some of the things I think are kind of far out… and I don’t meet a lot of people that I can relate to, and those that I do meet need to know more about their spiritual selves.”

The legendary Elvis knew that the Cosmic Golden Web we all tread on is far more intricate and powerful than anything we can imagine. Through the gossamer strands of light on this web, everything, everybody and every place since the beginning of time are interconnected.

“The world is a playground of God and a reflection of His glory,” exulted Gandhi.

If only Elvis could have frolicked in that playground unfettered by the fame and fortune that imprisoned him…

(c)2006, Sistarrs International
Excerpts from The 12 Spiritual Secrets of Beverly Hills”, ©1999, Randa & Patte Starr


_trevr said...

FASCINATING! Where can I get the book this is from?

Glenn said...

Awesome blog keep up the good work my friends

Lumonics Light Museum said...

These blogs are so awesome. Many thanks!

~Wyzowl~ said...

Great did it again! September of 1974, during one of his two sellout shows at the University of Notre Dame, he stopped singing, as well as motioned for the band to quit playing, in order to tell those holding a huge banner which read ¨You are the King¨, that he was not going to resume singing until it was taken out from view, adding that "there was only one King, and that was the Lord, Jesus Christ".

Denny Anthony said...

In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, "Very Intersting."

I dig the notion, although I don't entirely agree. Which is perfectly fine. All of us need to have different perspectives on truth and spirituality. This maintains balance and ensures a world going araound. Very good food for thought, here.

I like your website also.

-Denny Anthony

Þ¹é®®é ®¹vé®*™ said...

I own a couple of Elvis cd's and there's also something magical in his voice. He was on his way of re-enlightening himself until someone claimed he die.

He wasnt dead I guess! He was just hiding under a different monicker or a different persona. Being famous also will get us into a lot of trouble and all the hullabaloos. You know! You see being famous isnt really the core of our essence, perhaps. Elvis, realize that it's not really that important to be famous.

He sees that being famous is not a neccesity and music is but a vehicle for reaching out more people to spirituality. It's really good to see Elvis come out in the open....

I can see him now doing a lot of Meditating and Yoga and I think he's a Vegetarian nowadays.Who knows!

A wonderful post and thank you for sharing Randa and Patte Starr.

Allie said...

I love Elvis even more!! Talk about the 6th degree of separation..Elvis..Gandhi...Einstein..Madame Blavatsky...fabulosity!!
Keep thinking these things up girls!!