Saturday, March 07, 2009


Oscar's Fickle Finger of Fate brought America's long suffering sweetheart Jennifer Aniston within a fart's whiff of her ex Brad Pitt and his fertile inamorata Angelina Jolie. It looked like Jen might faint as she did her Oscar presenting stint with Jack Black, facing down a smiling Brad & Angelina in the front row. Too bad for Jen there was no orchestra pit this year. An insider reported: "She had been crying in the car on her way to the Oscars. She was very nervous and had to redo her makeup in the garage." Yes, we must all move on after finding out he's just not that into you, but try it with two billion prying, pitying eyes transfixed on you. Tinseltown triangulation is actually a time honored blood sport. In 1958, Elizabeth Taylor shamelessly stole hubby Eddie Fisher from then America's sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds (who had two toddlers, one named Carrie Fisher, the future "Star Wars" princess). Then Liz won the Oscae and public forgiveness by almost dying that year. Emboldened, the married Taylor squared her triangle in 1962 by publicly pilfering Richard Burton from his devoted wife Sybil during the Rome shoot of "Cleopatra". Incidentally, it was in Rome that Angelina VERY publicly fell in love with the married Brad on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". And that's amore! While Burton dubbed his indiscretion "Le Scandale", Aniston refers to her betrayal as "the insane Bermuda Triangle". While the Vatican and the Pope labeled Elizabeth Taylor a "moral vagrant", Jen is more modern about her straying ex, noting: "He's missing a sensitivity chip." In a supreme irony, it was recently revealed that Angelina and Madonna share an ex-lover, an actress named Jenny Shimizu...And that's show biz!

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